Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hi E & M from Sweet Pea and Bubba

Hi E and M - We miss you! and the house and the outdoors and the bugs/lizards that we could chase and the clean dirt and the trees. SF is great. There are lots of people out on the street with their dogs everyday and night and they can't chase us and we can spy on them from the top of our cat post so that's cool. Also we can spy on the other people on their patios, though that's not as interesting as being out there. We don't get to go out on the patio since it's 7 stories upand the drop is to concrete. Mom doesn't think we'd survive the 7 story drop so no patio. It's been a month and we've kind of gotten used to it.

Bubba here - Once I did run out the front door into the hallway but there's nothing there, so apartment life it is. I definitely sniff at the air when the sliding glass door is cracked and I cry at Mom when she's on the patio. This morning I woke her up by waili
ng until she got up to play with me. I needed some exercise and I don't entertain myself very well.

SwettPea here -Bubba hogs the toys. I can't get any play in until he's exhausted. He still does acrobatics (he's such a show off) and sometimes he's run into the coffee table but no harm done. We do occasionally fight, running back and forth from bedroom to living room up the post and back into the bedroom. Which can be fun. We also occasionally have a little snuggle, cleaning session. Mostly I lick Bubba's head and then he bites me, oh well.

There is lots of sun every afternoon if it's not fogged in and the sunsets are great. We trade off on the top of the cat post and we both sleep on Mom.
She got us a new water dish but I'm afraid of it. It just bubbles but I don't know it hums constantly.

I still get on the sink for water but that's not as easy because there's no standing room. This morning I was drinking out of Mom's glass on her bedside table and she pulled my tail and I knocked the whole glass over.
Mom was none to happy.

Mom also keeps bringing home new toys. Some are more fun than others. We're managing but we miss you all.

Sweet Pea and Bubba

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