Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Banner week for breaking stuff

So it's been a banner week for breaking things. Almost afraid to touch the computer or anything else for that matter!

Friday -- my cat knocked over my brother's painting and it landed on a lamp finial poking a hole in it.

Saturday - Broke yet another highball glass

Tuesday - hung a shade to block the sun but took the thing apart by accident so now it needs to be taken down and fixed

Poked a nasty hole in my knee with a branch on the way down from that activity.

But now I'm afraid to get back up on the unbalanced ladder and fix the shade for fear that I'll break myself or poke a hole in my knee again or poke a hole in the window screen.

Tonight, Wednesday, I broke the handle on the vacuum cleaner

So I'm done. No more stuff. Hopefully no more breaks or tears or anything. Not much I could do watching TV the rest of the night!

1 comment:

Marva said...

I'm thinking you need a break... pun completely and totally intended. :) BTW, I'm one of your sister's sarcastic friends in Spain, in case you're wondering who's the stranger leaving comments on your blog.