Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Day

Ok. So I walked the 1/2 mile down the hill to the muni. It wasn't working. They didn't have any idea when it would be working and I had one hour to get to school for class. So I hot-footed it back up the hill to the apartment. Changed clothes, printed directions to school, went down uncovered the scooter, tried to stick my backpack into the top box, which it wouldn't fit into. So I finally put the backpack on and got on the scooter. Of course at the bottom of the hill the muni was working again but by then I had no place to park the scooter so I kept on to school. It was about 90 and I'm wearing a helmet, jacket, jeans and boots. I made it to school, found motorcycle parking. But I didn't have enough quarters. So hot and sweaty I went into the nearby food place and he nicely sold me $2 in quarters to feed the meter, probably felt sorry for me. I made it to class with 5 minutes to spare. So I ducked into the bathroom. My hair was standing almost straight up in front from the sweat! And I was really red. Faucet water was hot, so I got a towel and used the drinking fountain cold water to try and cool down. Didn't help much. Since I was in the front row, the instructor noticed and asked me if I was ok since I was BRIGHT RED and I said yes, just warm from the scooter/helmet/jacket ride to school.

So going home. Of course I'm not familiar with SF. Didn't look at my directions closely enough and headed off.

Attached is the approximate ride I went on to get home because I sort of got lost. Still only took 35 minutes. But what a day.

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